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  • This part is the worst part IMO. Designed a currency conversion system so you always put more money in it than you need to purchase the item this does two things and both are a win for the corporate.

    1. Always have unspent money in the account, so kind of like a bank or gift cards, they get the money earlier when it’s worth more and can be utilized to get more faster.
    2. Incentivize the customer to be a repeat customer because you will “waste” your current credits if left unused, so you’ll follow the lost cause fallacy when something you want hits the store, but not really need.

  • The proxy you are using seems like a good one and if you are using auth on it you aren’t exposing the services under it directly, so the vulnerability would be proxy or your password to reach any potential vulnerabilities on the service. Sure there could be some crazy bad vulnerability on the proxy, but as long as your using a good trusted one and not doing some config to bypass their security, and updating it, you should be fine. Some people here think you could use vpns and such for everything and sometimes you just gotta share your services and going through a proxy service is a good solution.

  • I’d recommend a web proxy service. It acts as a middleman, public > router > port forward to proxy / tailscale > proxy forwards by the domainto the correct service (immich).

    Traefic is a good starter one.The most used but more advanced is probably nginx.

    For SSL, use https://letsencrypt.org/, there are a bunch of tools to do it and some are automated. They expire faster but are free. Tailscale is a vpn tunnel so the ssl part may not be correct and they may have their own thing though.

    Also godaddy is like the worst, expensive, ceo has hunted animals that shouadn’t be touched, and I always had outages when dealing with them. Namecheap is good, cloudflare, and porkbun.