I am an embedded systems guy so this is new territory for me. I want to be able to host my own userbase somewhere, mainly I just want to figure out how they work. But all i can find are closed solutions that have some amount of pricing or are obscured. I also feel like it’d be wrong to re-write something like this myself.

I’ve tried googling around a bit but keep getting similar results so I am assuming I am asking the wrong question. What I want: Ideally some kind of dockerized setup where a user can navigate to a website to create an account, which I can then query through php or some other API. Stuff like password reset or stripe would be nice but is secondary as that can most likely be added another way.

I found stuff like usernbase which seems interesting and even includes something like subscriptions, but I’d like to self host it and not rely on something like the AWS.

Ideally I want to get OAUTH2.0 to work as well, to learn how exactly it works.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

  • seang96A
    7 days ago

    I used authelia with LDAP as login backend in the past, but I wanted a highly available solution since authentication is so important, so I ended up swapping to keycloak and needed LDAP support and found this awesome project called apricot so users are all managed through the Keycloak admin interface and everything was easy to make highly available in my cluster.