hydroxide-push is a fork of hydroxide for receiving Proton Mail push notifications for via UnifiedPush created by @oranki@lemmy.world
Thanks a lot for creating this awesome project!

This is going to be very useful, until Proton finally implements native UP support in their Android apps. (They currently only support Google’s proprietary FCM). Make sure to upvote this feature request: https://protonmail.uservoice.com/forums/284483-proton-mail/suggestions/47423924-support-unifiedpush-for-android-notifications

Consider contributing to the project and make sure to report any bugs that you find.

  • seang96A
    18 days ago

    This is cool but I wouldn’t consider this unified push as it stands. They are working with the ntfy server directly on the server side, for unified push it technically would be setup within an email app.